anybody out there?

If there’s anyone out there who is actually reading this.. then welcome! I have decided that blogging is going to be my newest venture and just setting the damn thing up has been a huge adventure in itself! That was super lame and I apologize in advance or all the rhymes and bad jokes that only I will find funny… ahh. But yes this is my blog and I plan on using it a little bit differently to my already existing instagram @mb_motivation.

I started my instagram for myself, a personal place that I could post about my weight loss journey. I originally posted every meal I ate, my workouts and my progress. As my following grew I began posting recipes, products and generally just health and fitness tips that have helped me along the way. Now about 6-7months after creating my instagram I have an amazing fitfam of super supportive followers, who for some reason, seem to think I know what I’m doing. Many of you ask me questions and for advice on how I have achieved my weight loss/fitness goals. I have tried my best to answer these but there is only so much I can do though instagram and so I decided to create this blog. I hope that through this blog I will be able to better answer all your questions, provide you with the information that helped me and share a little bit more about myself with you guys.

I am so sorry for my inevitable rants and rambling tangents.. but if you can bare with me I would love to share what I have learned about changing my life to one of not just health and fitness.. but also one of new found happiness :)

Thanks for reading.

xxx mads

4 Comments on “anybody out there?”

  1. hey madeline :) i just found your blog and read every single piece! i already followed you on instagram and admired how kind and real you are. just wanted to say that your blog posts make me even more admiring! i can really relate to the things you are going through and find it so courageous that you share so much, from positive and hurt feelings to little mess ups. it’s really insipring to see that the road to health is not always going up or is easy to be on, but that it is sure paying off to try! thank you for that! looking forward to your upcoming posts. love, Anne (delighteddays on instagram)

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