a few kind words


I was sitting on the couch just stretching and watching tv when my phone received this lovely and ever unexpected message. It was super out of the blue considering that I hadn’t even trained with him today. I was so incredibly touched that he had taken the time to send me such kind words of encouragement. I don’t know many personal trainers but feel that it is rare to find one who truly cares that much about their clients. Adam isn’t the most serious of guys, when we talk at training its not all deep and meaningful.. its usually either about the ‘hot chick’ he is currently seeing or how mind blowing the latest episode of game of throne was! So in contrast I feel very humbled that he went to the effort of sending me a message that was so kind, encouraging and truly supportive of my fitness journey.

Its such a wonderful feeling when others notice your achievements and take the time to acknowledge them.. I cant even begin to describe it. I often feel as though the people close to me don’t really notice me or the things that I’m doing, so a message like this means so much to me. I am loving my training sessions at the moment and really enjoy pushing myself harder every week, its great to feel like all my hard work is paying off and even better that other people see this progress as well.

This message really reminded me that I’m incredibly lucky to have such amazing support around me. So thank you to all who have supported me on my fitness journey, and those who continue to do so! And of course a big thank you to Adam, my amazing trainer, for finally giving me some strength!

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