call me confused..

Its official, I do not understand the inner workings of my body! Common knowledge always had me thinking that healthy food = healthy body, which I still believe to be true. However I think my body may be the exception. Last night was Friday, which means cheat night in our house. I was craving a Grill’d burger and so that’s what I got, my ‘Simon says’ chicken burger combined with chips and some herbed mayo probably set me back about half a days worth of calories in under 20 minutes. I regret nothing and would like to extend a thank you to Grill’d  on Glenferrie because it was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by me!

But here’s the thing.. I woke up this morning, firstly I was starving and secondly with what can only be described at the best stomach I’ve ever had. I could feel my abs when I moved and over all it just felt flatter. THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME! Yes to be fair my abs have been sore lately because ive been working a bit harder on them at the gym, but still.. how is that honestly possible after the monstrous meal I consumed the night before?

I have decided not to question it, because if that’s how my body wants to work then hey that’s fine by me, very much looking forward to my next Friday night cheat meal! xo

2 Comments on “call me confused..”

  1. I thought I was the only one to feel and think this! aha !!! I am always eating healthy and clean but the one night I chose to indulge consuming a lot of carbs the next morning my stomach is so so flat! I thought I was crazy! haha

  2. This goes to show that you really didn’t set yourself back! That actually a “cheat” meal is good for your body and soul..

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