almond and cashew butter

I have always been, and always will be a vegemite girl. I love it. Before I started eating healthy, if someone were to ask me what my favourite food was I would without a doubt answer ‘vegemite toast’ and maybe some black sugary tea on the side. I think it was a comfort thing for me as it was what I ate every morning when I was away from home on a 6 week exchange in Paris. But naturally deciding that I wanted to eat healthier and start a life of low carb meant that my crusty white bread toast, deliciously dripping with vegemite and butter was no longer on the table for breakfast. Instead it became a treat, reserved for a lazy Sunday morning or an afternoon snack after a bad day.

Somewhere along the way I also developed a little love affair with peanut butter.. out of nowhere I would get a craving for Kraft’s super thick and crunchy peanut butter, the kind that’s so sickly it gets stuck at the top of your mouth. I knew it wasn’t the best vice to have so I tried to convince myself that the healthier, one hundred percent peanut butter, with no added nasties would be just as satisfying…. I’m sorry but its just not! I know ill probably be offending half the health/fitness community out there because I know how much you guys all love your peanut butter, but I just cant bring myself to happily eat that stuff when I know what else is out there.

Thankfully that is when I discovered almond butter! It was healthy, only made from almonds and I had no salty yet sweet unhealthy version to compare it to. It was the perfect spread solution. Suddenly a whole new world of nut butters was opened up to me. You could now open the kitchen cupboard and find almond, almond and chia and abc butter (almond, brazil nuts and cashews).

Recently my new found nut butter obsession has been taken to a whole new level. Our blender was hopeless and so we invested in a new one, The Omiblend. Its fast, its smooth, its versatile and best of all it makes nut butter in under 5 minutes! Full of excitement yesterday, I undertook my first attempt at making homemade almond and cashew nut butter. It could not have been easier. Here are the few simple steps that I took to ensure I never run out of nut butter ever again.

1. pick your nuts – I used a cup of almonds and a cup of cashews

2. I chose to lightly roast my nuts but you don’t have to do this step

3. place your nuts in the food processor or high powered blender

4. blend – be patient, it will look like dust or a flour like consistency at first but just keep scraping back the sides and blending until smooth

* you can add something like almond oil to help the blending process if you like

5. taste – I like mine plain but you can add flavours to your nut butter such as cacao or maple syrup

6. store it – I put mine into the old jars I had saved from previous bought nut butters but any jar or container will do.

* approx. 2 cups of nuts made me one and a bit jars of nut butter

** there is also a how to video on my instagram

3 Comments on “almond and cashew butter”

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  2. Add oil for smoothnes and moisture? And is this te same with peanuts :)? How to get a little pieces of but bigger? Love xxx

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