acai smoothie bowls

Acai smoothie bowls are one of my all time favourite breakfasts. I think I probably post about them a little too much on my instagram, as so as a result people are always asking me about them. Sorry it has taken me a little while to do this one but hopefully this post can answer all your acai related questions at once.

1. what is acai? Acai is a berry, its an amazing superfood native to south America. Acai is made up of a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. It also contains essential omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 which aid brain function, vitamin A for your eyes and skin, vitamin C to boost your immune system, calcium for strong bones and iron for healthy blood. The vibrant purple colour is visual evidence of acai’s powerful antioxidants that help defend the body again free radical damage.

2. what sort of acai do you use? I use two different sorts of acai. The first acai I got was frozen acai berry packs which are designed to be added to smoothies. I now also have some acai superfood powder. I add this too my smoothies in addition to the frozen acai. However the powder is more versatile and can also be added to juices, mixed with yoghurt or added to superfood treats such as bliss balls.

3. where do you get acai? I get the frozen acai from Aunt Maggie’s in Carlisle st, and I get my powdered acai from Vitality Hub Pantry on Williams rd. I live in Melbourne so I’m sorry if this answer doesn’t help much. I would recommend checking out your local health food store and if they don’t have it, ask if they know somewhere that does.

4. what is a smoothie bowl? A smoothie bowl, quite frankly is exactly what it sounds like. A smoothie which is thick enough to eat out a bowl with a spoon, usually with something like granola and fresh fruit on top.

5. how do you make a smoothie bowl? I make my acai smoothie bowls a little differently each time, depending on the ingredients I have at home. But I do follow a basic guide/recipe. STEP ONE get your acai (powdered, frozen or both) STEP TWO add about one banana (I like frozen, but fresh works too) STEP THREE add extra fruit if you wish (I usually add one or more of these fruits – pineapple, pear, kiwi and frozen berries) STEP FOUR add a natural sweetener if you like (I like to use rice malt syrup, but you can use anything like maple, honey or stevia) STEP FIVE you need a bit of liquid to help it all blend (I use about 1/3 cup of cold water but you could also use any milk of your choice) STEP SIX blend it all together until thick and combined STEP SEVEN pour into a bowl and then add any topping you like (I use granola from Irrewarra Bakery or sprouted cinnamon cereal by Lydia Organics which I also get at Vitality Hub Pantry. I then add extra fresh pineapple, pear or strawberries)  STEP EIGHT enjoy a heavenly breakfast :) x

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