out of action

Sorry for the repost of an old photo but I’m definitely not in a photogenic state right now – I am currently hauled up in bed (in my trusty onesie) with a heat pack and some pain killers. I’m not sure how I have done this to myself but I think I have managed to throw out either my back, hip, neck or ribs.. Or All of them? I don’t know but every thing hurts! Right now every time I breathe it feels like my ribs are stabbing my lungs, my spine and neck ache, my hips click when I twist and the whole thing is giving me one big headache! I have no idea how I have managed to do this to myself.. I think my body is just generally broken because these sorts of things seem to happen quite often. Apparently I’m too flexible for my own good because things slip and pop out of their proper place and I don’t notice until my whole body is put out whack because of it! Not a happy chappy right now because all of this means that I won’t be getting up for my morning workout as planned for tomorrow.. Or for probably any workout for the next few days :(
As frustrated as I am I know that rest is the best thing for my body at the moment (and an appointment with someone who can fix me!!) it’s better to take a few days off now than to really injure myself further and be out of action for possibly weeks (ah I just could not deal with that!) Im going to listen to my body and take as much time as I need to heal and feel at my best again. I want to be 100% ready before I attempt any new fitness goals. But for now, I must take the first step in my healing process and get a good nights sleep! Xx

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