Chocolate bliss balls

I must confess that before today I had never made bliss balls before, and by bliss balls I mean the healthy versions made with raw cacao and dates.. not to be mistaken with the not to healthy version filled with condensed milk and sweet biscuits.. Because we’re definitely old friends!
I am forever seeing people post about these deliciously healthy snack bites and have always been slightly skeptical that they would actually taste nice because I know and love the old unhealthy ones so well. But I came to the realization that I couldn’t really call myself a foodie if I had never even made bliss balls, especially since they are so simple! I decided that I wanted to try and keep the flavour as chocolatey and familiar as possible, but other than that I sort of just made my recipe up as I went along.
I am very happy to say that they were a huge success and I have officially been converted from chocolate rum balls to bliss balls! If like me you’ve never tried them for yourself, please do, I promise you won’t regret it!


2.5 tbs raw cacao powder
2 tbs homemade abc nut butter
2tbs shredded coconut
4 dates
1 tbs golden flax meal
1 tbs pumpkin seeds
1 tbs sunflower seeds
1 tbs raw core love from @muma_official
1 tbs brown rice syrup (or natural sweetener of choice)
Combine everything except the sweetener in a food processed and blitz until well combined, then stir through the sweetener. Roll into small balls and then roll in a little extra cacao, coconut or I used raw core love. Enjoy! Xo

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