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Growing up I was never one of the thin, pretty and super popular girls, but I had a good bunch of friends and I wasn’t overweight or even really aware of my body. I was fairly active when it came to sport; I used to play basketball, I used to swim in a squad, I was netball captain and I even played water polo once upon a time.. but the key words there are ‘used to’ . Once I finished school and started my first year of uni, I stopped doing all of those things. I was too busy, I was too tired, the netball team had disbanded, it was too cold to swim, I had homework and I had all the excuses in the world that in the end lead me through a whole year with basically no exercise at all! It was at the end of that year that I really noticed how my body had been effected by my laziness and lack of motivation to really do anything. It was in that moment that I decided things had to change! I was so unhappy with my body and what I had let it become and I wasn’t going to let myself make excuses anymore. Uni had just finished for the year and I had about 4 months of holidays to turn my life around.
For what felt like the first time in my life I made a decision and I really stuck to it. At first I really struggled, no longer being able to do things with the same ease that I used to and having to realize how much fitness I had lost actually lost that year. I found that getting myself up and out of bed was always the hardest part but once I was up and moving, starting my day, I began to really enjoy it.
The fitter and healthier I became, the happier I became. It wasn’t because my body was gradually shrinking (don’t get me wrong that helped with the confidence boost) but it was because I had a new found energy, a motivation do more things with my day and I was also sleeping so much better. It really felt like every aspect of my life was improving simply because I decided I wanted it to, and finally cared enough to put in the effort to achieve that.
I’ve never really felt as though I have any particular talents or great achievements, I’m merely mediocre at a bunch of things. But my own health, fitness and well being was something that only I could be good at, there was no one to compete against or compare myself to except myself. I think that that’s one of the reasons why I now love looking after my body, because I have achieved so much, losing that 10kgs was the hardest thing I have ever done and I did it all myself and no one can take that away from me. I am the only one who has the ability to let myself down when it comes to my health and after everything I’ve learnt though my weight loss journey I’m never going back to the way I was.
My goal now is to help people who were like me, unhappy and lacking the motivation to do anything about it, if you really want to you can change your body and your life around. Yes, it does take a lot of effort, it is hard work but trust me it is so worth it!  xxx

5 Comments on “about me”

  1. I’m in the exact same boat – I’m not sure whether I’m failing or its taking a lot longer than I thought! I’m beginning to realise its not a straight road to success and its full of failings!

  2. Madeline! YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION! I have just finished my first year at uni and am in exactly the same boat you were. Thank you I now have the confidence to work for what I want this summer and hopefully have the self love that you do at the end!
    Keep up the good work girl :)

  3. I’m in the same boat – only 10 years later! It takes hard work and healthy decision-making habits. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes!

    • No offense taken, the above photo was taken after I lost 10 kilos. I always listen to my body and eat whenever I’m hungry, I get more than enough food :) my Instagram features my before pictures but I haven’t decided if I want to post them on my blog yet. So for now I’m choose to represent me as I currently look.

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