Frequently Asked Questions.

I have never had any issues whatever when it comes to people asking me questions or advice, I’m always happy to help, but I find that I’m forever answering the same questions.so I thought I would compile my answers into one big post and hopefully it answers most people’s questions :)

1. I do not count calories, I listen to my body, eat regular meals and eat when I’m hungry to keep my metabolism going. At the same time I’m still aware of portion sizes of things such as nuts – a great snack but high calorie intake and high in good fats, so a smaller amount is recommended.

2. There’s nothing special about what I eat, just try to keep it healthy, low carb and high protein. (my recipes are posted under food)

3. Yes I do still eat bread, I love bread but I’ve had to switch from refined white sourdough to seedy, dense whole grain bread.

4. I do use protein powder, I personally use NHS natural health supplements whey protein because it is unflavoured, making it more versatile.

5. I am about 173cm tall.

6. I don’t really have a special or specific workout plan either.. I do personal training at the gym for half an hour twice a week (weights and cardio), my own little similar circuit workouts at home (posted under fitness), zumba and I walk the dog. I try to exercise 3-5 times a week.

7. It took me 6 months to lose 9kgs.

8. I dont let being healthy completely control my life, I still go out to dinner with my boyfriend or to lunch with friends and although I try to pick a healthy option if I can, I don’t let myself stress too much about it. I believe that if you’re forever restricting yourself, you’re more likely to have constant cravings. I choose to indulge these cravings when I have them, so that they go away! In our house this is done by making friday night cheat night!

9. When I did my juice detox, I made it all up myself, drank the juices as meal replacements 5-6 a day. i did this for 3 days. Each juice was approx. 500-750lms and all the recipes are in my previous instagram photos, as well as under the juice cleanse heading at the top of my blog.

10. Im sorry I don’t have any special tips, I think the key to weight loss/getting healthy is persistence! Just keep going, don’t give up and you will achieve your goals.

11. Girls often tell me that they’re really struggling with motivation to keep going. This happens to me too, all the time! If you have a day where you’re slacking off,or even a whole bad week..or a few! The important thing is to just start again and get back into that routine rather than thinking ‘oh well I’ve ruined all my good work’. As far as motivation goes I really recommend taking progress shots. You don’t even have to show any one and I understand how horrible it feels taking the first ones, but you will be so grateful that you did once you start seeing a difference. Pictures are also a much more reliable way to tell if you’re making progress, when compared to the scales which may not be changing. You may be starting to gain muscle, which is great but wont be reflected well on the scales, its in the pictures that you’re going to see your hard work paying off.

12. Yes I have tried skinny me tea, I did a 14day detox at the very start of my weightloss journey, I think it helped kickstart my weightloss and was a good little confidence boost, but I wouldn’t do it again because I now choose to achieve results with healthy eating and exercise.

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  1. Hey your really inspiring and I follow you on Instagram but I was just wondering what sort of meals you have for dinner? Thanks

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