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A little while back I decided that I wanted to do a juice cleanse, but I didn’t want to pay for one so instead I created my own. I found it very beneficial and have decided to share it. For me the juice cleanse was a great way to cleanse my body of sugary/unhealthy cravings, I was in quite a bad snacking habit before the cleanse, and found that afterwards I only really desired healthy and fresh food. Yes, the cleanse did help weight loss wise, I believe my stomach became the flattest its probably ever been! My energy levels varied throughout the cleanse, day 1 (and most of day two) I felt amazing, full of energy, light and not bloated in any way. A little bit into day 2 I started craving the feeling of eating rather than just drinking everything. To combat this, and what I recommend, I would eat some of the fruit/vegetables I was going to other wise juice (for example if i was juicing an apple I would eat half of it and juice the rest). I felt slightly guilty at first because I wasn’t strictly just drinking juice.. but then i realised that was silly and that if eating half an apple was the worst cheating that I’d done it wasn’t so bad really. By day 3 I found that i had less energy, and was getting a little sick of juices so I didn’t drink as many that day, simply because I also wasn’t hungry. Overall it was a positive experience for me and I plan to do it again.

ps. I juiced most of my fruits/vegetables, except when I used spinach and kale, I juiced the other ingredients and then blended the juice with the spinach/kale.


My juice cleanse went for 3 days, and consisted of drinking juice as a replacement for each meal. I drank 4-5 fresh juices and 1 milky based protein smoothie each day, plus lots of water. I chose to divide my juices up as follows

2 green veg

1 fruit and veg

1 citrus

1 berries

Before I started my cleanse I went on a big grocery shop and stocked up my fruit and vegetable supplies. Here is what i bought

carrots, oranges, bananas, apples, mandarines, lemons, pears, beetroot, ginger, lime, pineapple, celery, spinach, kale, cucumber and frozen berries


juice 1 – citrus

1 orange, 1 mandarine, 1 small red apple, 1/4 lemon, couple of chunks of pineapple and some ginger

juice 2 – green

1 orange, 1 green apple, 1 small cucumber, couple of celery stalks, handful of each spinach and kale

juice 3 – milk/protein

1 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, handful of frozen blueberries, 2 dates, scoop of protein powder, vanilla and cinnamon

juice 4 – fruit and veg

1 carrot, 1 beetroot, 1 red apple, couple of celery stalks, chunks of pineapple and some ginger

juice 5 – green

1/2 orange, 1 green apple, 1 green pear, 1 small cucumber, couple of celery stalks, teaspoon of almond butter, handful of each spinach and kale

juice 6 – berries – I didn’t have this every day, only if i was craving a sweet dessert

1 frozen mango cheek, 1/2 an orange, cup of frozen berries (raspberries, cherries, blueberries)

** you can add some water to any of these if you wish!


19 Comments on “juice cleanse

  1. Hello!!! I am starting this the first three days of 2014! So excited- Thank you for giving us these cleanse ideas, without you we would have to pay so much money! :)

  2. Hi :) I was just wondering, could these juices be made say in the morning and then stored for consumption throughout the day or would they go nasty? I just am wondering how I would do this when I’m working. Thanks!

  3. Hi Madeleine, Found your instagram and was so inspired, I have always been fit but now feel motivated to get healthy foodwise! You are such a prime example of what a good diet looks like and I am super excited to start your juice cleanse however, will it work if I still eat one main meal a day and juice the rest?

    • Aw thank you! Yes I think that would be fine, personally I would still try to keep it full of whole natural foods though and probably more veggies than usual if that makes sense just because the whole point is to give yourself a boost of those nutrients x

  4. Hi Madeline,

    I love your ig and your blog! You are my health idol.

    I want to do a juice cleanse just to get back on track after a few too many indulgent weeks. I just wanted to ask, did you drink the juices in order as they appear above? I think the veg and fruit ones I can sort out when to have but am unsure as to when I should have the protein/milky one.

    Thanks in advance :)


    • Aw thank you! That sounds like a perfect reason to do it – yes I did but that doesn’t mean that you have to, it worked for me but maybe try it for the first day and then adapt it from there if it doesn’t suit your needs. I hope this helped! X

  5. You are so creative, I’d love to follow your cleanse programme!
    Though I have a question: I don’t have a juicer, I only have a blender; is it the same if you blend the ingredients rather than juicing them?

  6. I’ve never done a juice cleanse but I want to start eating healthier and I heard that starting off with a juice cleanse is a good way to stick to eating well. In comparison to the other plans I’ve found online, I like yours the best. (: However, I was wondering (don’t laugh please, if this is silly, haha) if I could just make large pitchers of each juice and just drink whenever I’m hungry, however much I want, or am I supposed to have whole glasses throughout the day? I hope this makes sense. Thank you! (:

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply! yeah of course you could do it that way. Feel free to simply use my cleanse as a template for your own cleanse and do it whichever way works for you! As long as you’re getting all the nutrients you need and using a variety of fruit and veg I think that will work fine. Hope this helps x

  7. Hi I just discovered your blog via a_raw_education on IG and I like it! My partner and I are currently on a 6 day juice/raw food cleanse, and I have to say it has stopped my sugar cravings too! This cleanse doesn’t include anything other than juices for the first 2 days and by the end of day 2 I felt terrible! My head ached and I was nauseous – so we decided to eat a salad. I felt so much better and next morning I was full of life! We are on day 5 and having seen the flattest tummy ever in my life too I am scared to go back to eating…how did you transition?

    • Sounds great! I just ate really healthy afterwards and still integrated a few juices into my diet.. Lots of fruits and vegetables and then worked in things like eggs and lean protein. Hope that’s helps :)

  8. I am very interested in trying your juice cleanse, I am just worried that I wont have enough energy to do my gym, did you find this a problem??

  9. I’m considering doing a juice cleanse like this, I was just wondering if I could do it without the protein powder as I don’t have any? Also, what do you put in the “milky” smoothie? Love your blog btw :-)

    • Thanks :) The recipe for my ‘milky’ smoothie is juice number 3 above ^ you dont have to add protein, I only chose to add it so that I hopefully wouldn’t loose muscle definition over those three days.

  10. Yay thank you so much for sharing your juices ingredients, i’m not looking at actually doing a cleanse but just really want to start making sure i’m getting all the fruit and vegetables my body needs by adding juices! p.s love your blog so far :)

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