my workout playlist

If you’re anything like me, some days you just need that extra push to get you out of bed in the morning, that extra little bit of motivation or something to add that spring to your step, that helps to stop you from hitting the snooze button and rolling back to sleep. Personally I try to achieve this in two ways. The first is not even giving myself the chance to talk my ‘sleepy morning self’ out of my workout, to do this the ‘super motivated’ version of me will set the alarm the night before only 5-10 minutes before I have to leave. I literally only give myself enough time get dressed and maybe grab a quick pre-workout snack. I have to just jump up and go, no time for excuses. The second thing that I find really helps to get me moving is music. I think that the perfect playlist can work wonders for your workout and once I’m up it really helps to keep me going. When I hit that play button I can push myself that little bit harder or pump it out along to my tunes for that little bit longer. I thought I would share my little workout mix, because I really do think you need the right kind of music for you to move to. This is just what works so me, I have a few different sorts of songs for the different stages of my workout, hopefully it’s a helpful guide to then create your own.

WARM UP Personally, most of my warm up music is trashy, yet super catchy pop songs. They’re upbeat and fun which really help get me up and moving. More than half of these songs are probably zumba workouts that got stuck in my head, which I couldn’t get out until I downloaded them. Depending on your music taste it may feel shamefully sinful to have the likes of Justin Bieber in your playlist, but no one else needs to know.

1. Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj – Beauty and a beat

2. Karmin – Brokenhearted

3. Bruno Mars – Locked out of heaven

4. Calvin Harris – feel so close

5. Naught boy ft. Sam Smith – La la la

6. Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding – I need your love

7. Taylor Swift – I knew you were trouble

8. Akon – Angel

9. David Archueleta – Touch my hand

10. Waka Waka – Shakira

11. David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium

MIDDLE Here I just like to have songs that I enjoy listening to, anything that I can sing along to in my head. This allows me to tune into the song and tune out from the physical aspects of my workout. Majority of the songs are still very up beat and bright. Don’t ask me why but most of these songs seem to remind me of summer, which I think really helps to motivates me, especially on days where the sun is shining. The others are more just slightly sentimental songs that make me smile. Together with the endorphins being as a result of my workout, this part of my playlist just generally makes me happy.

1. Avalanche City – Love love love

2. Maroon 5 – Never gonna leave this bed

3. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

4. City and Colour – The girl

5. Whitley – Head, first, down

6. Avalanche City – Drive on

7. John Mayer – Clarity

8. Imogen Heap – Goodnight and go

9. The Temper Trap – Fader

10. Jack’s Mannequin – Dark blue

11. The All American Rejects – Move along

12. The Script – For the first time

13. Scouting for girls – Love how it hurts

14. Phillip Phillips – Gone gone gone

15. Coldplay – Every teardrop is a waterfall

16. Mumford and Sons – Little lion man

17. Third Eye Blind – Semi-charmed life

18. The Sundance Kids – Solutions

19. Colbie Callait – Fallin’ for you

20. Gorillaz – On melancholy hill

 COOL DOWN When I start to slow it down I like my music to do the same. These songs generally have a slower beat and softer melody. They’re generally a little less upbeat and bright when it comes to the content but oh well, I like them. If you’d prefer some happier songs then please go right head, I personally don’t find that they bring my mood down in anyway.

1. Youth Group – Forever young

2. John Powell – Kisses and cake

3. Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

4. Thirsty Merc – All my life

5. Obadiah Parker – Hey ya

6. Angus and Julia Stone – And the boys

7. Rock Kills Kid – I turn my camera on

8. Jose Gonazlez – Heartbeats

9. Florence and the machine – Never let me go

10. Whitley – Lost in time

11. Jon McLaughlin – Smack into you

12. The Weepies – World spins madly on

13. The Panics – Don’t fight it

14. Snow Patrol – You could be happy

15. James Vincent McMorrow – We don’t eat

 This is just an example of my playlist, I try to have a larger list of songs then I need so that I don’t have to same playlist on repeat every time I want to workout. Even though I did just list all of those in order of the stages of my workout, I tend to just hit shuffle and then skip a song if it doesn’t match how I feel at that moment.

running around

Firstly I would just like to put it out there that I have never ever ever been a runner. Just don’t do it.. not ever. I mean sure when I played team sports like netball, basketball and soccer, I would obviously run if I needed to, but I have never been able to understand those people who just run around a park or something  oval shaped, literally going no where? My reaction was always just ‘ew why would you?’, that is until now. As I’ve gotten a bit older I’ve started to realize that my issue with running wasn’t because I don’t enjoy it or because I struggle with the cardio, it was because I don’t know actually know how to run. And being the insecure person that I am, if I looked silly doing it there was no way I was ever doing it in public. That may sound weird and you’re probably thinking ‘that’s just silly, everyone can run?’, But when it comes to running for exercise, over a sustained distance, it actually requires a bit of technique, which I definitely do not have.

A few weeks ago I asked my trainer if he could help me with this issue, because my mum has always been a runner, my brother too and I would love to be able to just ‘go for a run’, whenever I felt like it. I think it would be a great way to relieve a bit of stress and just escape for a little while, as well as obviously also being a great cardio workout. Adam, my trainer, started by watching me walk on the treadmill, and pointed out to me that I turn my feet/knees in slightly when I walk (thank you years of netball for ruining my joint stability!!). This was the reason why I felt so uncoordinated when I ran, my knees would knock together and I just felt like a giant fool. He told me that before I could learn to run I needed to train my feet/knees to walk in a straight line, and we proceeded to basically catwalk up and down the gym for the next 15 minutes.

Since then I have been really focusing on how I walk, I do this while on my powerwalks as well as just in my day to day walking. Subsequently yesterday, for the first time really ever.. I felt like going for a run! It was a lovely sunny day – for the most part anyway, but before the rain rolled in I decided I would go for a 40 minute powerwalk. Once I was out in the sun, with a nice cool breeze and the perfect backing soundtrack on my ipod, I felt the desire to run instead, and that’s exactly what I did. Out in the open for everyone to see. I’m not deluded enough to think that I would be able to run the whole time, so because I’m just starting out I did it in small bursts. Run a street, walk a street, run to the next big tree then walk to that round-about etc. I loved every minute of my little attempted afternoon run and now think I’m starting to understand why people enjoy it so much. Its almost an empowering feeling, your body can feel every step you’re taking but tell yourself to push through it, you have complete control over your own workout. I think I’m going to try and develop my running and hopefully be able to build up some endurance with it.

I would like to apologize on behalf of the previously inexperienced version of myself, for all the things I once thought/said about running. After all how could I dislike something, which I’d never really tried. I am finally ready to admit that I was wrong. I now understand the appeal and why for some people running is such an amazing outlet. However I maintain that you will never see me just running around a park, school oval or athletic track. I will run if I have somewhere to run too, but never in circles.

life lessons

I was originally planning to post this picture with a message about how important it is to let yourself relax, enjoy yourself, take the night off from being healthy and allow yourself to indulge. This was taken before a dinner date with my boyfriend at an italian restaurant that we love. However I didn’t have time to post it before our little date.  Lets just say that it didn’t go very well, to say the least.. and now I am posting the same image with an entirely different message. That things may not always go the way you planned, and thats okay. we learn from these experiences and what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. So allow your self to cry, scream or feel how ever it is that you feel right in that moment, don’t bottle up your feelings because I promise they will come back to bite you in the ass! And once you have it all out of your system, sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and it can be a great one, but only if you decide to make it so. What I thought was going to be a lovely little night out with my boy, turned itself into one horrible evening. Everything is okay now, or at least well on its way and so I am choosing to let go of everything negative that happened tonight, and I’m looking forward to a better tomorrow. Good night xo

almond and cashew butter

I have always been, and always will be a vegemite girl. I love it. Before I started eating healthy, if someone were to ask me what my favourite food was I would without a doubt answer ‘vegemite toast’ and maybe some black sugary tea on the side. I think it was a comfort thing for me as it was what I ate every morning when I was away from home on a 6 week exchange in Paris. But naturally deciding that I wanted to eat healthier and start a life of low carb meant that my crusty white bread toast, deliciously dripping with vegemite and butter was no longer on the table for breakfast. Instead it became a treat, reserved for a lazy Sunday morning or an afternoon snack after a bad day.

Somewhere along the way I also developed a little love affair with peanut butter.. out of nowhere I would get a craving for Kraft’s super thick and crunchy peanut butter, the kind that’s so sickly it gets stuck at the top of your mouth. I knew it wasn’t the best vice to have so I tried to convince myself that the healthier, one hundred percent peanut butter, with no added nasties would be just as satisfying…. I’m sorry but its just not! I know ill probably be offending half the health/fitness community out there because I know how much you guys all love your peanut butter, but I just cant bring myself to happily eat that stuff when I know what else is out there.

Thankfully that is when I discovered almond butter! It was healthy, only made from almonds and I had no salty yet sweet unhealthy version to compare it to. It was the perfect spread solution. Suddenly a whole new world of nut butters was opened up to me. You could now open the kitchen cupboard and find almond, almond and chia and abc butter (almond, brazil nuts and cashews).

Recently my new found nut butter obsession has been taken to a whole new level. Our blender was hopeless and so we invested in a new one, The Omiblend. Its fast, its smooth, its versatile and best of all it makes nut butter in under 5 minutes! Full of excitement yesterday, I undertook my first attempt at making homemade almond and cashew nut butter. It could not have been easier. Here are the few simple steps that I took to ensure I never run out of nut butter ever again.

1. pick your nuts – I used a cup of almonds and a cup of cashews

2. I chose to lightly roast my nuts but you don’t have to do this step

3. place your nuts in the food processor or high powered blender

4. blend – be patient, it will look like dust or a flour like consistency at first but just keep scraping back the sides and blending until smooth

* you can add something like almond oil to help the blending process if you like

5. taste – I like mine plain but you can add flavours to your nut butter such as cacao or maple syrup

6. store it – I put mine into the old jars I had saved from previous bought nut butters but any jar or container will do.

* approx. 2 cups of nuts made me one and a bit jars of nut butter

** there is also a how to video on my instagram

call me confused..

Its official, I do not understand the inner workings of my body! Common knowledge always had me thinking that healthy food = healthy body, which I still believe to be true. However I think my body may be the exception. Last night was Friday, which means cheat night in our house. I was craving a Grill’d burger and so that’s what I got, my ‘Simon says’ chicken burger combined with chips and some herbed mayo probably set me back about half a days worth of calories in under 20 minutes. I regret nothing and would like to extend a thank you to Grill’d  on Glenferrie because it was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by me!

But here’s the thing.. I woke up this morning, firstly I was starving and secondly with what can only be described at the best stomach I’ve ever had. I could feel my abs when I moved and over all it just felt flatter. THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME! Yes to be fair my abs have been sore lately because ive been working a bit harder on them at the gym, but still.. how is that honestly possible after the monstrous meal I consumed the night before?

I have decided not to question it, because if that’s how my body wants to work then hey that’s fine by me, very much looking forward to my next Friday night cheat meal! xo

a few kind words


I was sitting on the couch just stretching and watching tv when my phone received this lovely and ever unexpected message. It was super out of the blue considering that I hadn’t even trained with him today. I was so incredibly touched that he had taken the time to send me such kind words of encouragement. I don’t know many personal trainers but feel that it is rare to find one who truly cares that much about their clients. Adam isn’t the most serious of guys, when we talk at training its not all deep and meaningful.. its usually either about the ‘hot chick’ he is currently seeing or how mind blowing the latest episode of game of throne was! So in contrast I feel very humbled that he went to the effort of sending me a message that was so kind, encouraging and truly supportive of my fitness journey.

Its such a wonderful feeling when others notice your achievements and take the time to acknowledge them.. I cant even begin to describe it. I often feel as though the people close to me don’t really notice me or the things that I’m doing, so a message like this means so much to me. I am loving my training sessions at the moment and really enjoy pushing myself harder every week, its great to feel like all my hard work is paying off and even better that other people see this progress as well.

This message really reminded me that I’m incredibly lucky to have such amazing support around me. So thank you to all who have supported me on my fitness journey, and those who continue to do so! And of course a big thank you to Adam, my amazing trainer, for finally giving me some strength!

anybody out there?

If there’s anyone out there who is actually reading this.. then welcome! I have decided that blogging is going to be my newest venture and just setting the damn thing up has been a huge adventure in itself! That was super lame and I apologize in advance or all the rhymes and bad jokes that only I will find funny… ahh. But yes this is my blog and I plan on using it a little bit differently to my already existing instagram @mb_motivation.

I started my instagram for myself, a personal place that I could post about my weight loss journey. I originally posted every meal I ate, my workouts and my progress. As my following grew I began posting recipes, products and generally just health and fitness tips that have helped me along the way. Now about 6-7months after creating my instagram I have an amazing fitfam of super supportive followers, who for some reason, seem to think I know what I’m doing. Many of you ask me questions and for advice on how I have achieved my weight loss/fitness goals. I have tried my best to answer these but there is only so much I can do though instagram and so I decided to create this blog. I hope that through this blog I will be able to better answer all your questions, provide you with the information that helped me and share a little bit more about myself with you guys.

I am so sorry for my inevitable rants and rambling tangents.. but if you can bare with me I would love to share what I have learned about changing my life to one of not just health and fitness.. but also one of new found happiness :)

Thanks for reading.

xxx mads

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