People always ask me how I workout; how to target certain areas, if I do cardio or weights and how often I exercise. In an average week I aim to exercise 4-6 times, but sometimes its not always achievable. I listen to my body so some weeks I have heaps of energy and will workout as much as I can, but other weeks may be busier and I might feel tired and rundown in which case I may only work out 2-3 times that week.

When it comes to how I exercise I like to mix it up. I have a 30 min personal training session twice a week, in which I do a range of weights and circuit training as well as some cardio. I also try to attend at least two 50 min zumba classes each week. I love zumba. I know that some people may not view zumba as a good way to workout, but for me if I really commit myself to the class I am dripping with sweat by the end and completely satisfied that I’ve had a good workout. Please dont think that you have to be able to dance.. I am insanely uncoordinated and have never done dancing in my life! Zumba is just about keeping your body moving and having fun while you workout. On days when I’m feeling less energetic I try to at least get in a walk.. I try to make them power walks but regular walking the dog is at least better than nothing.

Sometimes the weather gets to a point where I don’t want to leave the house.. or I’m just too lazy! for those days I have made up a few home workouts which I do. I have created three… one each to target your arms, abs and legs. depending on how much time I have..or how much energy, I vary how many times I repeat these.  Sometimes I might do all three or I might just want to workout my arms for example.  Now I am no personal trainer, but these work for me, so please feel free to try them yourself :) x

*I like to use a few weights when i do these workouts, just to push myself a bit harder.. but they’re not super necessary :)

** these reps and weights are based on my own strength and capabilities so please listen to your body and adjust them higher or lower to suit your own needs!


15-20 bicep curls with 4kg dumbbells

15-20 hammer curls with 4kg dumbbells

20 front raises with a 4kg medicine ball

20 shoulder presses with a 4kg medicine ball

15-20 side raises with 3kg dumbbells

20 triceps bench dips

break 1-2 mins (drink water!)

repeat 2-4 times



30 V shape sit-ups with a 7kg medicine ball

30 L shape leg raises

30 bicycle crunches

40 russian twists with a 7kg medicine ball

50 tiny crunches

1 min plank

break 1-2 mins (drink water!)

repeat 2-4 times



20 step ups each side (holding a 7kg medicine ball)

20 lunges each side (holding a 5kg dumbbell in hand)

40 calf raises

20 straight leg squats (holding a 7kg medicine ball)

20 sumo squats (holding a 7kg medicine ball)

15-20 leg raises each side

break 1-2 mins (drink water!)

repeat 2-4 times



3 Comments on “workouts”

  1. I think your amazing! I’ve never had to worry about my weight but recently I have gained some weight and only just realised how far I had let it go. I am finding it hard to keep going, I’ll go for a few weeks then give up. BUT your website has been a great motivation and I think you just got to take it one meal and one work out at a time. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. You are my inspiration! I love how when you feel you need to eat, you eat. Many girls starve themselves because they want to look skinny and it’s terrible. You actually put on more weight when you eat hardly anything because your body takes in what you have eaten and stores it as fat. Please can you give me some tips on how to make my thighs skinnier because no matter what I do I just can’t do it! I go for a run every day and have been for quite a while but nothing is happening to my thighs! It’s really annoying and I need some tips from a professional so I am asking you! Xx

  3. Best fitspo page I’ve seen in a looong time! I love how you listen to your body, if your tired you don’t work out as hard and if your hungry you eat. It’s so important to listen to your body rather than deprive it! I’ve just been on a 6 week Europe holiday and I’ve come home feeling un motivated and just yuck! But your page has given me the motivation I needed to get back to the gym and back to clean healthy eating! Thank you so much! :’) x

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